Reading Round-Up

KiwiSaver investors should be thinking local
New Zealand investors are incredibly conservative and unpatriotic. This conservatism is likely to have a negative impact on KiwiSaver returns and our strong bias towards offshore investing does little to alleviate the country’s chronic capital shortage.

Mortgage wars – borrowers take control
Mortgage rates have hit rock bottom and banks are going to extreme lengths to get borrowers to switch lenders.

Third of KiwiSavers cashing in
About one-third of eligible retirees applied to take their money out of KiwiSaver last month and the country’s largest provider expects it to rise to 50 per cent.

11 Personal Finance Equations You Need To Know
Have you ever wondered how to work out compound interest or the rule of 72?  Here are 11 handy math equations that can be used every single day. Write them down, whip out your pencil and get calculating……or more realistically use them in Excel when you are doing your budget.

Retirement daunting for many Kiwis
Nearly half of New Zealand’s retirees feel they are not in a strong enough financial position to meet their retirement needs, according to a new report.

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