Reading Round Up


A little risk would pay off for KiwiSaver
A boost to New Zealand’s savings culture has been put on hold with the Budget announcement that automatic enrolment in KiwiSaver in 2014-15 is no longer possible

Retirement expert questions Govt choice of figures

A retirement policy expert says KiwiSaver providers should not be allowed to publish investment performance returns based on gross figures because they are “meaningless” and cannot be easily compared.
Mortgagee sales hit record levels
Some winners dream of being free of work forever. Calculating the cost to do that is tricky. Say you’re 30 and need $100,000 a year to live comfortably.

Who owns all the homes?
New Zealand’s 121 members of Parliament own, or have interests in, at least 292 properties between them, according to Parliament’s latest register of pecuniary interests.

Engines are stalled
Our economic engine is misfiring badly and our ship is drifting.  Bernard Hickey argues the developed economies’ engines are stalled and need a rebuild, or the world faces a Japanese style grinding perma-recession.

Why Neo-Classical economics is bunk
Here’s Australian Economist Steve Keen on BBC Radio’s Newsnight programme explaining what caused the financial crisis and what needs to happen next. He starts around 1 min 30.

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