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“Chronic shortage” pushes Auckland house prices to new high
Asking prices for Auckland homes hit a new all time high in April of $568,820 – the third high in eight months.

No house price bubble on horizon, says Reserve Bank
Household debt levels and banks unwillingness to lend will act as a check and prevent a repeat of the house price inflation seen between 2002-2007, according to the Reserve Bank.

Mortgagee sales hit record levels
Some winners dream of being free of work forever. Calculating the cost to do that is tricky. Say you’re 30 and need $100,000 a year to live comfortably.

Keith Rankin: Austerity needs stimulus to work
Public austerity, under different names, has commonly been extolled as a prudent fiscal policy that remediates alleged past excesses of governments.

How savage has European austerity (spending cuts) been?
To be sure, there are particular small countries which have made serious spending cuts, in the Baltics most of all.  But sometimes one hears it said that an anti-austerity strategy must be EU-wide as a whole, or that austerity is “a failed strategy for the eurozone,” or something similar.

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