July Reading Round-Up

Diana Clement: Start getting smarter about dumb debt (Click here…)
“Dumb. It’s a four-letter word that describes everyday things people from all walks of life do with their money.” (NZ Herald)

Consumer confidence ‘back to normal’ (Click here…)
Wellingtonians are becoming more gloomy about the city’s economic future, Aucklanders are the most optimistic in the country, and there is growing confidence among the dairying provinces of Taranaki, Waikato and Southland. (Stuff)

Insurers eye 20pc premium rises (Click here…)
New Zealand’s biggest residential insurer, IAG, intends to raise premiums about 20 per cent on average. (Stuff)

Dealing with bad financial service (Click here…)
Seeking resolution to disputes arising from financial service transactions has become a whole lot easier for consumers under new rules forcing financial advisers and service providers to take part in independent dispute resolution schemes. (Stuff)

Saving for a windy day (Click here…)
The first post-budget KiwiSaver stats indicate the scheme is sailing on, unaffected by the changed conditions. (NZ Herald – Inside Money blog)

Mary Holm: Making a monkey of the market (Click here…)
Mary answers readers’ questions about index funds, investment selection and KiwiSaver. (NZ Herald)

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