Hang on… How much a week? – $162?

$162 a week is what you get if are on the sickness benefit.
How much of your weekly bill would the sickness benefit cover?  Seriously, I am struggling to comprehend how that would even cover the power and rates bills. Let alone, phone, food, gas and the mortgage.

The average Kiwi could survive 21 days if they suddenly found themselves without an income.  How long could you survive?  The last thing anyone wants to do while they are fighting for their lives, or are seriously ill or recovering, is worrying about paying the power bill and how to provide for the kids.

The government does what it can, but ask yourself would this be enough? Take a look at the current sickness benefit rates below. If you think that this would not be enough, please contact us for a review and see how we can help put something in place.

We all know someone who has struggled with Cancer and the havoc it plays in their lives.  It is not just the illness people are often fighting, if they do not have insurance, they are often fighting to keep a roof over their head.  Even if you are covered, talk to your kids ( if they are young adults) or close friends to make sure they have a plan.  With 1 in 3 kiwi’s being struck with cancer, it is something we all should be aware of.

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