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The circumstances of our lives actually matter less to our happiness than the sense of control we feel over our lives.” (Rory Sutherland)

An entertaining talk where Rory, explains that ecomonics shouldn’t always be about the numbers.


Investors will pay $770 for comprehensive financial advice

New Zealand laws may be moving to be inline with Australia’s.  So I thought this may be of interest to you……The average Australian expects to pay A$770 for a comprehensive financial plan, according to a new report released by wealth researcher Investment Trends. “With planners estimating that it costs A$2,550 to provide comprehensive advice, there is a clear gap between the expected and actual cost of advice,” said Investment Trends Senior Analyst Recep Peker. “Planners recognise this, and two in five intend to provide more transactional and single issue advice in the future.”

Australians who had already received advice said they are prepared to pay $970 in total for an update. “This suggests that they have a better appreciation of the value of advice and the cost involved in providing it, though still low,” Peker said.

The warning signs spell the first four letters of the word stroke.

This has been doing the rounds on the social media sites.  It is great information.  So if you have not seen it, take a look:

S   *Ask the individual to SMILE.

T   *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (i.e. It is sunny out today.)

R   *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

O   *Oral Sign, can they stick out their tongue and move it to the right and left.

IF he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call the emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

Why do you have Health Insurance?

It surprises me how many different reasons my clients take out health insurance.   A recent survey asked policy holders what their reasons for taking out private medical cover were.  We thought you might like to see what those reasons were.

These were the top five reasons:

1. “The hospitals are cleaner

The top reason people gave for taking out private health insurance was that they felt that private hospitals were cleaner. This has become an even bigger issue with recent scares surrounding ‘superbugs’ such as MRSA and C.difficile.

2. “It gives you faster access to treatment”

Many people choose to take out a private healthcare policy because it reassures them that if they need treatment, they will be able to access it quickly as they will usually be able to avoid public waiting lists.

3. “No waiting lists means LESS pain”

A major benefit to immediate treatment is that you will feel better and get back on your feet much sooner, as well as endure the pain for less the time.

4. “It means a FASTER recovery”

Many who took part in the survey said that a better chance of a quick recovery was an essential part of their decision to take out a healthcare policy. One of the main advantages is you will need to be absent from work for less time.

5. “It means you can see the same specialist

Private healthcare gives you greater choice over your treatment. Many people prefer to have the option to see the same specialist each time as they feel more comfortable and the specialist is familiar with their medical history.r.

Have you had a review of your existing health insurance, or would like a no obligation health insurance assessment? 

Competition for ACC

Recently there have been a lot of news stories about ACC  facing private competition, and the fact that levies will be on the rise again.

The truth of the matter is that ACC already has competition.  If you are self employed you can look for competitive alternatives under the CoverPlus Extra scheme.

Take a look at this case study, it is a clear example of how people are saving on their ACC levies.

Steve is a builder earning a taxable income of 
$100,000 pa. and paying $6,500 a year in ACC 
levies (Cover Plus). His Income and Life cover 
are $4,800 a year.
Total Protection $11,300 a year.
Steve transferred to Cover Plus Extra and dialed back his ACC to 40% of his 
taxable income, He now pays $3,800 a year to ACC. (he also increased 
his insurance adding Medical for his family and Trauma cover).
He is now fully protected and so are his family.
Total Protection $9,000 a year. Saving him $2,300 a year!

These types of scenarios are saving self employed people thousands per year.  We can all have an opinion on whether the government is right or not about its plans for ACC, it is a contensious issue.  What we do know about competition is that you are more than likely going to get a better deal shopping around.

If you would like to know more about using ACC’s Cover Plus Extra, get in contact.  I am up to date with what is happening in the industry and may be able to use my skills to save you some money.   Call Me Now on 034774993